Linking together all six ports and the beaches of the Heart of the Bay, this footpath follows the area’s coastline.

Stretching from the beautiful villas of Taussat-Les-Bains in the north to the port of Biganos in the south, it is considered a secondary trail of the Way of Saint James. On foot or by bike, enjoy the spectacular views from here, where a remarkable architectural heritage mingles with memorable natural settings.

Domaine de Certes and Domaine de Graveyron

This green lung of the Heart of the Bay was shaped by man to serve the region’s historical economic activities before becoming a Sensitive Natural Zone. Owned by the Conservatoire du littoral, it is managed by the Conseil Départemental which offers visitors free tours in the company of a naturalist guide. As you stroll along, listen to the birds twittering in the brush, admire the flight of migrating birds, and contemplate the landscape awash in the surf.

The Way of Saint James

A secondary path of the Way of Saint James crosses through the Heart of the Bay. This “English path” – for it is also called “la voie des anglais” – is principally used by pilgrims travelling south from northern Europe. From Lanton to Teich – dotted with a 12th-century church, priory and miraculous fountain –, you, too, can set out on the Way of Saint James, along the bike paths and bucolic, well-marked footpaths.