The Leyre (or Eyre) River takes form in Landes and stretches along 135 km.

It is surrounded by a gallery forest composed of broad-leaved trees (penduculate oaks, alders and grey willows), and its rusty colour is due to the presence of iron pan (iron oxides). These two characteristics have earned it the nickname “petite Amazone”.

In Mios, stroll along the riverbank or embark aboard a 10-seater canoe to discover this watery world.

Where the river flows into Arcachon Bay, it creates a delta of tiny islands where fresh water mingles with salt water, then retreats with the pace of the tides. 

Seen from the sky, this “green gold” forms an emerald mosaic of wetlands, salt marshes and dammed areas. The various environments boast an exceptional flora that boldly prospers and develops. Here, baccharises or “brooms” grow alongside brushes such as hawthorn, blackthorn and wild rose, and reed marshes form a refuge for the discreet yet remarkable fauna.