This page is for anyone that might be interested by a good deal! Those who enjoy the guilty pleasure of “skipping in line”, saying “Sorry! Excuse me! I’ve already got my tickets,” with a mischievous little grin. Or those who would like to save on their “activity” budget to make way for other pleasures! 

For you, here are the good deals brought to you by the Cœur du Bassin d’Arcachon Tourist Board!

The BAIA ticket

What if you could take the train from Teich station to Arcachon station (or back) for just €1/person? That’s what the BAIA ticket offers you! You may use this ticket to take any bus of the SUD BASSIN network from Biganos. There is no expiration date, and each ticket is valid for one hour after it is first stamped. BAIA terminals are available at the train stations so that you may stamp your ticket.

Tickets are available at the Tourist Office for €1 apiece or €8 for a pass of 10 tickets.

As a bonus, you support public transport and reduce your carbon footprint!

The Grand Tour of l’Île aux oiseaux

One of the must-sees of Arcachon Bay! This two-hour (Arcachon) or two-and-a-half-hour (Andernos) guided boat tour brings you as close as you can get to Île aux oiseaux and its famous cabins on stilts! 

We make it possible for you to reserve your tickets directly from the reception desk of one of our four Tourist Information Offices.

Prices: from €14 (kids’ rate).

L’écomusée de Marquèze

The Écomusée de Marquèze, located in Sabres, immerses you in the 19th-century life of the Landes de Gascogne. Enjoy craft demonstrations, guided tours, temporary exhibitions and various activities throughout the seasons…

Open from March to the beginning of November.
Preferential rate from €9.50 (kids’ rate).

En cours de conception pour 2019 :

Multi-species fishing

Accessible to beginners and experienced fishing enthusiasts alike, our fishing guide accompanies you for a four-hour boating excursion in Arcachon Bay and its offshore areas, and will initiate you to various fishing techniques! Equipment provided!

Rate: €80 per person

Entertainment – Cultural venues

Looking for a show to enjoy as a family? Look no further: we sell tickets to shows at the Biganos cultural centre, La Caravelle (Marcheprime) and L’Olympia (Arcachon) 

You may purchase your tickets directly at the reception desk of any of our four tourist information offices