A typic architecture

Located on the heights of the Parc Mauresque, the beautiful 19th-century villas dominate the town of Arcachon.

A walk in between the beach and stylish villas

On foot, take time to discover this typical architecture in the local alleyways. The more curious can climb up to the Sainte-Cécile observatory to admire a wonderful panorama over Arcachon and the Bay. 4.6km long, a loop starts from the beach and winds up between the villas.

Be warned, it’s quite a climb!

An history for each one

Each more extravagant than the next, the 300 or so villas in the winter town each have their own story. Villas Teresa, Toledo, Brémontier, Trocadero, Alexandre Dumas, Bayard and Athena are known for their unusual construction and evocative names.