16 km trekking path

Take on the coastal path and admire the wildlife to be found in the heart of the Cœur du Bassin d’Arcachon. Connecting 6 ports and 3 beaches, it runs along the region’s maritime facade.

From the beautiful villas of Taussat-Les-Bains in the north, to the port of Biganos in the south, it’s transformed, for those who so wish, into a secondary route to Santiago de Compostela. All along the trail, open your eyes and enjoy a setting that alternates remarkable architectural heritage and memorable natural sites.

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Domaine de Certes et Graveyron

The green lung of the Cœur du Bassin, it was shaped by man to suit the economic activity of the region before becoming a Sensitive Natural Area. Belonging to the Conservatoire du Littoral, it’s managed by the Departmental Council, which offers free tours, accompanied by a naturalist guide.

On foot, follow the song of birds hidden in the hedges, marvel at the flight of migrants and contemplate a landscape that intertwines between land and water.

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The road to Santiago de Compostela

The Cœur du Bassin is crossed by a secondary route to Santiago de Compostela. The English way, as it’s called, is mainly taken by pilgrims from northern Europe. From Lanton to Teich, with a 12th-century church, priory and miraculous fountain, follow in the footsteps of Saint James of Compostela along cycle paths and small marked country roads.

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GRP tour of the Bay of Arcachon – From Biganos to Lège using ecomobility

The Bay of Arcachon GRP tour extends over 90km, taking in a large part of the coastal path and passing through the pine forests that characterise our region. This journey of several days lets you discover all the riches of the Bay of Arcachon, whether natural, cultural or heritage. From the Dune du Pilat to Cap Ferret lighthouse, you’ll pass through the Cœur du Bassin d’Arcachon, wild and preserved. Discover the oyster fishing port with its colourful huts in Biganos, the marina in Lanton with its beautiful villas, or a guided tour of the Domaine de Certes et Graveyron – a wide choice is available on this fully marked trail.

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Terra Aventura

Download the free Terra Aventura app and take part in an incredible treasure hunt on the port of Biganos by selecting the route: “Colours for my cayenne”!

This fun game introduces you to the world of the Poi’z, little characters that young and old will love to collect! A way to spice up the route and discover the towns of Biganos and Mios in a different way!

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Robin’s trails

Discover picturesque places with your family, thanks to a small, iconic character straight out of the Middle Ages! In the form of a free game booklet, it takes the whole family to discover the cultural and environmental sites of Gironde (children aged 6 to 12, accompanied by their parents).

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