The Hearth of the Arcachon Bay’s emblem

Set off on a wonderful trip across the Arcachon Bay towards Bird Island.

The Stilt huts

Set off on a wonderful trip across the Arcachon Bay towards Bird Island. Head to the south-east of the island and you’ll find 2 superb huts on stilts called the Cabanes Tchanquées. A mixture of history, tradition and nature, these huts are the pride of the Arcachon Bay. Historically built by oyster farmers to monitor their oyster beds without being dependent on the tides, they are now private properties, listed as architectural heritage of the Arcachon Bay.

Climb into the boat of Batelier de Suzette for a trip out towards the stilt huts at sunset. A glass of white wine in one hand, a fresh oyster in the other, you can witness a special moment in the Cœur du Bassin d’Arcachon. The sun sinks behind Bird Island, a few egrets twirl above the water. In the foreground, the cabins stand out against the colourful sky, while in the distance, a palette of ochre colours emerges above the peninsula of the Arcachon Bay.

L’île aux oiseaux

Located in the middle of the Arcachon Bay, Bird Island is a Preserved Nature Reserve. From this little corner of paradise, you can admire the many birds that come to rest here according to the seasons.

A mix of sand and mud, Bird Island is difficult to reach on foot. By boat, you can anchor there for the afternoon. It’s best to arrive at mid-tide, to make the most of the rising tide to reach the island more easily. Make sure you leave before the tide is too low! In summer, it’s good to swim off these wild-looking beaches. At high tide, the clear water on the edges of the island heats up very quickly.

A few traditional huts are a welcome sight for hikers in the off-season, when the summer crowds have left.

Tread the muddy ground of the island to stroll around the cabins. While you can approach them, you can’t climb up or go inside.

At high tide, the huts take on the appearance of a refuge in a desert of water, in the middle of flooded land; at low tide, they rise like monuments in the middle of this magical setting.

cabanes-tchanques-coucher-de-soleilJean-Philippe Bellon
cabanes-tchanquees-ile-aux-oiseauxPhilippe Hedeline