The Heart of the Bay

The Heart of Arcachon Bay includes 5 municipalities : Lanton, Audenge, Biganos, Mios et Marcheprime.

Our area is a true kaleidoscope of landscapes that can be discovered at the change of tides and seasons. You will find here familiy-friendly beaches, the “Leyre” river and its delta, maritime pine forests, and side ports connected by a pittoresque coastal path bordering the Bay and the salt meadows.

In the heart of natural spaces

boutique-couvCharlotte Moutier

Nature instinct

Breathe, stroll and lie down on a beach, small ports and dams. Nature offers you moments of rejuvenation : happy moments when you disconnect from everyday life : to meet up with family or simply tune in, and take the time to breathe. The Heart of Arcachon Bay is full of exquisite places to enjoy a variety of landscapes between land, sea and forest.